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Bellen Appointment of Mr. Qiang Ma
Date: 2017-06-24

Jun 14th, 2017, Bellen announced the appointment of Mr. Qiang Ma as vice president of Bellen group and general manager of Shandong pilot plant. Mr. Qiang Ma will be fully responsible for leading pilot plant business including technology and operation.


Allen Chen, Chairman of Bellen group and Bob Liu, CEO issued the appointment." We are pleased to welcome Qiang to our senior leadership team. Qiang has extensive experience in drug substance production, we believe Qiang’s expertise will be valuable in helping to ensure the smooth execution of our future development strategies." Said Allen Chen.


Mr. Qiang Ma has more than 10 years’ experience in the GMP production, most recently at Novartis where he was the PU Head. "I'm excited to join Bellen and lead its manufacture business. In barely a decade Bellen has built a whole platform for the new drug discovery and manufacture. That’s incredible. I look forward to working with everyone to expand and unlock all the full potential." Said Qiang.

Joining of Qiang is a notable milestone in Bellen's CMO Business. Hope Qiang a bright future in the new position.


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