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Process R&D and Manufacturing

Bellen Chemistry Co., Ltd. specializes in scaling up processes to satisfy the increasing demand of bulk chemicals. We can scale up your demand for any specific compound and design a personalized process with our dedicated and talented R&D team.
Objective: Process and analytical chemistry targeted on transforming the synthesis into a robust process that allows manufacturing of organic intermediate or drug substance in a safe, efficient, cost-effective, environmentally responsible manner meeting the customer needs.

Bellen’s Strength:
1. Scale up route established for all the catalog compounds. Demanding met to supply which in hundred kilogram scale. Competitive Quotation provided for the requested compound => >95% success rate to receive the PO for the provided quotations.
2. Development risk analysis done for every individual step before the manufacture, with no HSE risk existed before scale up.
3. Under active communication and alignment, Innovative alternative/improved route applied to the challenging projects outsourced from international big Pharma. Deliver what is impossible if go by the tech. package provided by the customers.
4. Innovative synthesis design, new chemistry and advanced technology (Flow chemistry, Biocatalysts, Screening lab)  being the key elements considered for all the Bellen’s create activities _FTE expertise model on route scouting  being executed.                                                                                                                                                                                             
5. Analytical chemistry development more pronounced internally to control the quality for purity, and impurities.

For more information: sales@bellenchem.com.