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Medicinal Chemistry

Bellen Chemistry Co., Ltd. is run by an outstanding team of PhD and master degree holders, working together with our customer to provide added value service for all stages of medicinal chemistry. The 8,000 square meters R&D center can meet the demand of new compounds from the scale of a few milligrams to hundreds of kilograms. Bellen has a senior level, experienced medicinal chemistry team that can support hit ID, lead generation, and lead optimization programs for all known target families and therapeutic areas.2.1Customer synthesis.png

Our service includes:
1.Preclinical candidate selection.
2.Intermediate, Reference compound and Impurity synthesis.
3.Asymmetric synthesis.
4.Route design and exploration for new building blocks.
5.Assisting patent filing for clients.

Please send an email to sales@bellenchem.com with your product name, structure or CAS number, how soon you need material, as well as any other requirements.