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Our R&D center and manufacturing facilities are built according to global standards and cater to meet the expectations of all customers around the world. New facilities and capabilites are planned with the expansion projects going on continously.

Bellen commits to continue investing in our capabilities and capacity to enable a one-stop-shop chemistry service platform, from compound selection to final API GMP manufacturing.

Bellen Beijing Innovation Center
Beijing, China

Discovery chemistry service

Established in 2010, our innovation centre in Beijing, also known as the headquarters of Bellen Group, has been helping our worldwide customers accelerate their drug discovery program from HIT to IND. This center provides synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry and pCMC chemisitry services, via both FFS and FTE mode.

A Few Facts

  • 75,000 sqft lab space, with 200 chemists
  • 168 standard fume hoods, 60 walk-in hoods
  • Kilo lab with 25 reactors ranged from 30L-100L
  • Temperature range: -78 to 200 degree C
  • Pressure: up to 100 bar
  • On site SFC capability (Waters 80q,100mg-100g)
  • Full range of analytical instruments
  • Photo chemistry 20mL-1L
  • Flow chemistry: 6-10kg/day
Bellen Shanghai Process R&D Center
Shanghai, China

Process research and development service

Bellen's flagship process R&D center located at Shanghai, China, delivers projects involving complex chemical synthesis from route scouting, process development, process optimization and scale-up to commercial scale. The most advanced lab design concept is applied and the lab is equipped with Swiss standard fume hoods and brand new analytical instruments. Our top-notch talents are ready to provide holistic process research and development solutions to clients around the world.

A Few Facts

  • 30,000 sqft lab space, with 70 process chemists
  • PhD/MSc/BSc ratio: 1/2/3
  • 97 fume hoods (European standard)
  • 12 walk-in hoods (Fisher)
  • 2 x 10L and 2 x 5L double layered jacket reactors with Huber Unistat
  • RC1 safety assessment tool
  • Full range of analytical instruments and capability
  • Enzymatic chemistry
  • Catalysts screening
Bellen Shandong Manufacturing Plant
Shandong, China

API and advanced intermediates manufacturing service

In operation since 2017, Bellen's manufacturing plant, located at Shandong, China, delivers key intermediates and cGMP API manufacturing services for early phase and late phase projects. Currently the facility has a capacity of 100kL with manufacturing blocks designed into groups to achieve maximum flexibility as multi-purpose production trains, automated control and fully closed material handling system that complies with high EHS standard. The site has undergone successful audits by more than 200 clients from the US, Europe, Japan and China.

A Few Facts

  • Phase 1 in operation since mid-2017 with 5 non-GMP reaction trains
  • Phase 2 expansion project in operation from Oct 2019, released 5 non-GMP reaction trains
  • In total 25 non-GMP reaction trains will be available in 2020
  • 4 cGMP reaction trains is scheduled to start up in Q2, 2020
  • 90 general reactors ranging from 200L to 5000L, liners including SS316L, GL, HC276
  • Full range of isolation and drying equipment
  • Hydrogenation, 100L to 2000L
  • Temp range: -78 to 200 degree C
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • EHS management system according to ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001
  • State-of-the-art analytical labs
Upcoming new facilities – Beijing Innovation Center
Beijing, China

Discovery chemistry service

A new facility in Beijing is under construction currently, Bellen headquaters will relocate to this new site by Q4, 2021. The facility is a Bellen owned property and is custom designed according to high standards. This investment is in line with our commitment to continue better serving our clients and providing a better working enviornment for our employees.

A Few Facts

  • 5km away from current location
  • 20 min driving distance from Bejing internatinal airport
  • 11,000 sqft lab space
  • State-of-the-art facility and equipment
  • Plan to have 380 chemists
  • Focus on early phase discovery chemistry service
  • Operate in both FFS and FTE model


Bellen Chemistry Headquarters

Building 9, Courtyard 10
Linhe Street
ShunYi District, Beijing 101300, China

  • Tel +86 10 6040 0362
  • Fax +86 (10) 6040 0323

Customer Service and Business Inquiry

  • Tel+86 (10) 6040 0362 (8004)
  • Emailcustomer-service@bellenchem.com

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